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Localogic LLC is an Albany, NY-based web development company for local businesses. Our services are designed to increase the web-, phone- and foot-traffic of the businesses we work with. We do this through a combination of the following general services:

1. Google+ Local (Google Places) Optimization. It is no longer enough to simply claim your listing on Google Places or Google Maps. (In fact, there is one very important thing to do before a business listing should be claimed!) The art of fully optimizing and completing the Google Places listing is not intuitive. There are many very specific tasks that need to be done in the correct order to ensure a top listing for your business.

2. Online Reputation Management. Whatever your business, if you're dealing with the public, you are vulnerable to poor, and perhaps unfair, online reviews and your potential customers read them and make buying decisions based upon them. There are some very effective strategies that businesses can use to ethically and appropriately manage their online reputation. Localogic can help with this.

3. Mobile-friendly Website Creation. The web is rapidly transitioning to mobile browsing. The statistics relating to how consumers make locally-based buying decisions based on information gotten via their smartphones or other mobile devices is eye-opening. In an nutshell, having a mobile-friendly version of your website is as important as your original reason for having a regular website - You get more customers. Included in the mobile category, we also help business with SMS/text message marketing and QR codes. Very cool and fun stuff and really effective!

4. Business Lead Generation. Localogic provides a service that will funnel leads from people looking for your goods or services directly to your business phone number. What could an additional 40-70 targeted leads per month do for your business?

5. Search Engine Optimization. I know, yadda, yadda, yadda! You've heard it all before. The truth is that with SEO, some strategies have remained mainstays of the SEO art, while Google has ensured that other SEO strategies are a constantly moving target. Keeping up-to-date with all of the changes can be head-spinning - unless you have a passion for it, which we do!

6. Other services. If you need a website, we can have that done. Video Marketing we love and it has really gained pace in 2012. Video marketing is a great way to get your message out. Google loves video and so do we!

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